About Juliet

JulieKnown as Julie to my friends, I live in near Raleigh, North Carolina and spend most of my free time with family and great friends. I also organize multiple adult activity groups and can be found on weekends leading a hike up a mountain, scheduling a movie premiere event, or dreaming up some other fun activities.  I also love to take photographs of my adventures and am apparently the music round savant for my pub trivia team, The Periodic Table Dancers.

If people had tag lines, mine would probably be: "It is never too late to be fabulous!"

By profession I am a Business Analyst and Web Interface Designer with over 10 years of experience working in software and web development. I attended NC State University and chose degrees in Industrial Engineering and Psychology, since I feel in order to design efficient systems, you must first understand the people for which you are building them. I have worked with many high profile companies in the information technology and medical/insurance industries and find working in software development quite fulfilling.

One of my greatest passions is watching classic movies, with my favorite film being Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent classic Metropolis. Each year I pick a challenge for myself and one was to watch all movies ever nominated for the Best Picture Oscar (not realizing there were almost 500 of them!) It took me a few years to find and watch them, but I have now seen all but 4, two of which are probably lost forever. But if you ever see copies of the following, please let me know!: East Lynne (1930/31), The Emigrants (1972), The Patriot (1928/29) The White Parade – a.k.a Young Ladies in White (1934).

And here is what I learned from the movie watching challenge:

  • Almost all of my favorite movies were made before I was born
  • They don’t make movies like they used to
  • Hollywood is very political
  • Just because a film was nominated, doesn’t mean it is good

So that about sums it up. Enjoy checking out my website and don’t forget to check out my blog Get off My Lawn! for updates on what I am up to.

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