Movie Review: Albert Nobbs

Albert NobbsI had heard about this Indie film when it was in the theaters and when all the award nominations were coming out, but never got a chance to see it. So when it hit Redbox, I took my promo code down and rented it for $.21.

Movie synopsis: “In 19th-century Ireland, painfully shy butler Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) hides an incredible secret: He is really a she. Terrified that someone will discover her identity, Albert keeps a very low profile, until the arrival of Hubert Page (Janet McTeer) registers a sea change in Albert’s life. Hubert is also secretly a woman and has managed to find a partner who helps her maintain her masquerade. Hoping to find a similar arrangement, Albert begins wooing a hotel maid (Mia Wasikowska).”

Verdict: Holy Cow! Put down what you are doing and Netflix or Redbox this movie today! It is AWESOME!

It is hard to decide what I liked best about this movie. I think over all I liked the fact even though the movie is apparently not based on a real person, the plot elements are unique but conceivable for the late 1800’s. The script was well done, the characters were all engaging and the story kept me glued to my seat the entire time.

Glenn Close plays the character of a waiter, Albert Nobbs. In order to find a job when many were out of work in late 1800’s Ireland, Nobbs obtains a second-hand dinner suit and disguises herself as a man and lands a waiter’s job. That is what started her life living as a man. It was all about survival and constant fear of being found out.

Through the years waiting tables, Nobbs has been saving all her money and dreaming of someday starting her own tobacco store. Then enters Mr. Page, brilliantly played by Janet McTeer. Mr. Page is also living as a man, which began after her husband died, and allows her to get work as a painter. And not only is she living as a man, but she is married to a woman. Since running a store with two people would be much easier, Albert sets off to woo one of the chamber maids at the hotel where she works.

All of the performances are well done, but Glenn Close and Janet McTeer are brilliant and were very deserving of their Oscar nominations. It is unfortunate that Glenn Close gave this performance in the same year as Meryl Streep’s The Iron Lady, since I truly believe she deserved the best actress Oscar. But as we know, Meryl wins everything…. (Streep’s performance was good, but Close’s was better).

And for those of you who are familiar with Upstairs Downstairs, it was a delight to see Pauline Collins (Emily) as Mrs. Baker, the hotel proprietor.

Bottom Line Rating: A
If you are a lover of new and unique story lines and well acted Indie films, this is a must see. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now get off my lawn! 😀

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