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I specialize in designing web application interfaces that are then implemented by Java developers. My extensive usability experience assures that designs are built to meet the business requirements and the needs of the user.

My emphases when designing interfaces are:

  • XHTML/W3C compliant designs (Section 508 accessibility compatibility if applicable)
  • Well-formed cascading styles, with visual elements and graphics controlled by the style sheets
  • Strong separation of the content and structural design elements
  • User-centric designs meeting all business/technical requirements, use cases and usability standards
  • Creating reusable, "smart" page elements that provide structural integrity even when elements are removed/added

Additional project deliverables I am responsible for:

  • Comprehensive wireframe documentation to verify requirements before design begins
  • XHTML clickable prototypes for business stake-holders to get a feel for the design and make changes before Java development begins and for hands-on usability testing
  • XHTML composite web interfaces that contain all possible elements in each page and can be parsed out with conditional statements by developers (e.g, all error messages, conditionally displayed modules, alternative)
  • Detailed screen capture/scenario documentation that demonstrates all page functionality (e.g., default data sort orders, sequence of operations, conditional display options, link functionality) and serves as a reference for developers, quality assurance testing, user acceptance testing and training

Below are examples of software projects I have worked on.

The majority of my work has involved proprietary software development, therefore I am limited in what I can include in my portfolio out of respect to the intellectual property rights of my former employers.

NC Medical Insurance Company Examples

When I worked for a large NC medical insurance company, my job was to design web software interfaces and documentation that were then passed on to the Java developers for implementation.

The biggest design challenge I faced was that the company was in the middle of a complete redesign of the member area of the website. I had to design interfaces that would work in the old and new design formats, without having to be completely rewritten, and all while meeting the business requirements from a variety of stake-holders. (Click on the pictures below to view screen shots.)


Additional Corporate Interface Examples

The following are additional corporate examples of some interface work I have done including web software interfaces, clickable XHTML prototypes, prototyping/collaboration tool designs (Protoshare) and online help / documentation. (Click on the pictures below to view screen shots.)