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I have used my web design skills to maintain large corporate websites as well as help small businesses develop a presence on the web.  The following highlights some of the website work I have done.

Corporate Websites

For corporate websites I have participated in website redesigns and acted as the technical lead, establishing coding and design standards including templates, XHTML, CSS, Section 508 accessibility standards, and usability guidelines.

When I worked for North Carolina’s largest medical insurance provider, one of my roles was the lead technical designer for a complete redesign of the member’s section of their website. For the Member Redesign Project we completely rethought all of the member pages to make the site information easier to navigate, the page structure more extensible and added new functionality. My focus was on creating new page templates to resolve existing issues stemming from a lack of separation between content and design. The new pages also leveraged ColdFusion programming, allowing me to conditionally display content and, thus, use the same page templates for every insurance plan offered. This approach also eliminated problems of having the same information in multiple places that had to be updated individually. After the redesign all information was updated once and conditionally displayed as required. The project was delivered on time and feedback from customers and upper management was very positive.

Click on the pictures below to see an example of a member page with the old format and another page after the redesign:

For additional examples of my corporate design work, see my Interface Design Examples.

Small Business/Non-Profit Websites

In my spare time I create small business and non-profit websites. When designing small business sites, I focus on the message the business wants to convey and set realistic expectations on how a website can benefit their business. I also assist with other online promotional opportunities, such as Facebook, Twitter, and e-Newsletters.   Addtionally, as web building technology has evolved, I have been able to transition the businesses to templated CMS systems that allows them to maintain their websites on their own.

Below are a few samples of the sites I created. (Click on the pictures below to view screen shots.)


e-Newsletters are also great way for small businesses to stay in touch with customers. The following are some examples of e-Newsletters I designed. (Click on the pictures below to view screen shots.)